BMVI – Virtuelles Verkehrsministerium 2.0
My area of work: 2D Artist, UI Designer, Art Director

After creating an open door experience for the german Federal Ministry for Transport & Infrastruture (BMVI) Super Crowd expanded on their idea and created a bigger and more detailed showcase. 

Visitors can explore and engage with all areas of the ministry like mobility, digital infrastructure or aviation & space travel. They can talk to NPCs, read up on in-depth details or just take in the detailed worlds.

The experience is currently only available through invitation.

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Quick Info

BMVI – Virtuelles Verkehrsministerium 2.0
Online Event Platform
Platform: Web
Release: 08.2021
Developer: Super Crowd Entertainment

Art Direction: Sebastian Stamm

BMVI – Virtuelles Verkehrsministerium 2.0 | Gameplay Timelapse