BMVI – Virtuelles Verkehrsministerium

Since personal visits where not possible during the 2020 pandemic the german Federal Ministry for Transport & Infrastruture (BMVI) decided to host their annual open-door day 2020 as a virtual tour.

Building on the framework we developed for Indie Arena Booth Online we developed a compact multiplayer online representation of their main building with a lot of NPCs to talk to, quizzes to take and lots of information about the BMVI to absorb.

The experience was online at 08.11.2020 on the homepage of the BMVI.

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Quick Info

Virtuelles Verkehrsministerium
Online open-door day experience
Platform: Web

My area of work: 2D Artist, UI Design

Client: Federal Ministry for Transport & Infrastructure (BMVI)
Developer: Supercrowd Entertainment

CEO, Creative Director: Wolf Lang
Project Lead: Stephanie Lang
Project Lead, Programmer: Jannik Müller
Programmer: Julian Heinkens
Art Director, 2D Artist: Sebastian Stamm
2D Artist: Nadja Clauberg
Character Artist: Perci Chen
Animator: Tobias Bilgeri
Level Designer: Rike Lang, Alexander Kappen
Web Developer: Philipp Molitor