Indie Arena Booth 2021
My area of work: 2D Artist, UI Designer, Art Director.

After Indie Arena Booth Online’s debut in 2020 Super Crowd Entertainment worked hard on stepping up their game for the 2021 edition of their beloved passion project.

At the SUMMERCAMP OF DOOM (this years overarching theme) players could freely explore 12 unique and handcrafted worlds. Ranging from nightly glowing forests to rusty junkyards, from leaking nuclear plants to desolate Mad Max-towns there where all kinds of flavours to discover.

Visitors could gather stickers and patches, level up and chat, watch trailers and play demos – everything you whish from a convention. And of course it had a banger title track by Mr. Kaschke (as is tradition).

The convention took place between 25.-29.08.2021.
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Quick Info

Indie Arena Booth Online 2021
Indie Browser MMO
Platform: Web
Release: 25.-29.08.2021
Developer: Super Crowd Entertainment

Art Direction: Sebastian Stamm


Indie Arena Booth 2021 – Line-Up Trailer

Indie Arena Booth 2021 – Timelapse Gameplay