KonterBUNT – Einschreiten für Demokratie

Reacting to prejudices in everyday situations isn’t always easy. Especially in times of rising populism and disinforamtion it is even more important to learn how to talk back when confronted with difficult arguments.

KonterBUNT is an educational app that helps players to learn how to react to everyday prejudices and counter with facts and communication strategies. The app contains a quiz minigame, an Avatar Creator and an extensive library of examples, counter arguments and communication strategies.

Developed for Lower Saxony Centre For Political Education.
Awarded Special Price at Pädagogischer Medienpreis 2019.

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Quick Info

Serious Game Quiz App
Platform: iOS, Android, Web
Release: 09.2019

My area of work: Art Direction, 2D Art, UI

Client: Niedersächsische Landeszentrale für Politische Bildung
Developer: Waza! Games

Producer: Eric Jannot
Associate Producer: Christian Huberts
Game Design, Sound Design: Julian Röth
Programming: Fabian Broszio
Head of QA: Till Balbach