MAG 2020 – Online Convention

The global pandemic forced many conventions and exhibitions to find alternative ways to bring their experiences to the people. The MAG, a convention for Manga, Anime, Cosplay & Fashion from Erfurt, went ahead and created a full free-to-play MMO experience for their 2020 edition.

Building on the X5 framework developed for the Indie Arena Both Online we created a free-to-play MMO version of the convention. The players where free to explore the different thematic exhibition “lands”, such as games, fashion, boardgames or artists. You could meet NPCs and real players, check out booths, watch streams and collect trading cards by exploring every corner of the world (sometimes even outside of it).

Find out more on their official site (german only).

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Quick Info

MAG 2020
Online MMO Anime & Cosplay Convention
Platform: Browser
Release: 11.2020

My area of work: 2D Artist, UI Design

Developer: Supercrowd Entertainment

CEO, Creative Director: Wolf Lang
Project Lead, Programmer: Jannik Müller
Programmer: Julian Heinkens
Art Director, 2D Artist: Sebastian Stamm
2D Artist: Nadja Clauberg
Character Artist: Perci Chen
Animator: Tobias Bilgeri
Level Designer: Rike Lang, Alexander Kappen
Web Developer: Philipp Molitor

MAG 2020 – Timelapse Gameplay