MAG 2021

My Area of work: 2D Artist, UI Designer

The MAG is a german community-driven convention for manga & anime, cosplay and games. It is a friendly and intimate meeting for kindred spririts and everyone interested.

The 2021 edition of the online convention had the concept of a community tug-of-war: MAG-mascot Maggie fights against her sister Megan for the dominance of the city. For this player had to occupy specific points around the map by coloring them in their faction color.

The MAG 2021 took place between 26.-28.11.2021. You can find more information here

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Quick Info

MAG 2021
MMO Manga & Anime Convention
Platform: Web
Release: 26.-28.011.2021
Developer: Super Crowd Entertainment

Art Direction: Sebastian Stamm
Key Art: Perci Chen


MAG 2021 – Factions Trailer

MAG 2021 – Timelapse Gameplay