Moving Tomorrow – A Intercultural Journey

Moving Tomorrow is an educational Point & Click Adventure made for ESCP Europe Business Scool that is designed for use in universitary classes. Each of the six chapters deals with a specific topic in the field of intercultural communication, business structure and group dynamics. The students learn through an interactive mix of in-game content, dialogue choices and parallel mentorship in class to discuss and reflect their choices and prepare for real life situations.

Moving Tomorrow is implemented in ESCP locations throughout Europe since 06/2018 and was nominated at the Deutsche Computerspielpreis 2019 for Best Serious Game.

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Quick Info

Moving Tomorrow
Educational Point & Click Adventure
Platform: PC, Mac, Browser
Release: 06.2018

My area of work: Art Direction, 2D Art, UI Design

Client: ESCP Europe
Developer: Waza! Games

Producer: Eric Jannot
Game Design, Author: Tobias Schumacher
Game Design, Programming: Julian Röth
Character Design, Animation: Irmak Kaya
Illustration: Miriam Moritz
Head of QA: Till Balbach