Moving Tomorrow 2 – The Cultural Journey Continues

The successor of Moving Tomorrow – A Cultural Journey uses the same concept. It is an educational Point & Click Adventure made for ESCP Europe Business Scool that is designed for use in universitary classes.

Each of the six chapters deals with a specific topic in the field of intercultural communication, business structure and group dynamics. The students learn through an interactive mix of in-game content, dialogue choices and parallel mentorship in class to discuss and reflect their choices and prepare for real life situations.

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Quick Info

Moving Tomorrow 2
Educational Point & Click Adventure
Platform: PC, Mac, Browser
Release: 2019

My area of work: Art Direction, 2D Art, Animation, UI

Client: ESCP Europe
Developer: Waza! Games

Producer: Eric Jannot
Game Design, Author: Tobias Schumacher
Game Design, Programming: Julian Röth
Character Design:
Miriam Moritz
Head of QA: Till Balbach