SANI FIGHTER – Jetzt Wird Zurückgeschlagen

The struggle for paramedics is real. Random Idiots are trying to keep them from doing their job. Its finally time to fight back. HARD.

Sani Fighter is a One Finger Death Punch-styled action game, in which you have to balance keeping a patient alive and beating the crap out of urban party tourists. Made for the satire online channel Bohemian Browser Ballett.

Play it: Web | Android | iOS

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Quick Info

Satirical beat ’em up
Platform: iOS, Android, Web
Release: 05.2019

My area of work: Art Direction, 2D Art, Animation, User Interface

Client: Bohemian Browser Ballett
Developer: Waza! Games

Producer: Eric Jannot
Game Design: Julian Röth

Programming: Till Balbach