My Area of work: Illustration

Pen & Paper is often associated with thick rule books, crazy dices, and complex character sheets. But theres also a thriving indie scene, that embraces role playing games as a diverse, inclusive and emotional medium, far away from orks, knights and dragons.

Building on the belonging outside belonging system, ORBITAL lets players create the fate of a space station. You work together to control key characters and functions of the station and its sourroundings. Through improvisation movie-like scenes, you develop, discuss and shape a compelling story in a few hours.

I created all illustrations for the game. The RISO-printed zine was succesfully realised through Kickstarter. You can find out more about ORBITAL at itch.io.

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Quick Info

Scifi pen & paper RPG zine
Platform: Printed, Web
Release: 03.2021

Client: Mousehole Press
Game Design: Jack Harrison

Cover Illustrations

Playkit Illustrations

Margin Illustrations