My name is Torben Bökemeyer and I make graphics for games. I’m a freelance Artist, Graphic Designer and Indie Game Dev from Berlin. I keep my work open-hearted, rainbow-coloured and bullshit-free.

I’m currently crafting rad things for DREAMHACK BEYOND and make cool spaceships for the scifi-RPG-zine BUCKET OF BOLTS. Recently I worked on mmo-meets-exhibition-games for the HAMBURG GAMES CONFERENCE and GAMECITY HAMBURG

I’m always on the lookout for new projects, new inspirations, new friends. Maybe we are looking for each other?

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Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress


A small wooden hut in the forest. The cozy home of a woodcutter.

Inktober 2020

A collection of cursed relics.

March Of Robots 2020

All contributions for the March of Robots drawing challenge on Instragram.


A series of symmetry portraits.


A small study of clouds.

Pixel Art Concepts

Style exploration for creating pixel art comepletely in Procreate.

Mountain Top

An interactive turntable of a small camp atop a high mountain.


Environment concepts for a not yet released pixel art RPG/RTS.

Landscape Studies

A small series of landscape explorations.

March Of Robots 2019

Contributions for the March of Robots drawing challenge on Instragram.


A micro game about handling a grappling hook in zero gravity.

Slam Drunk

A tropical micro game about timing, skill and flow.

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress


Help a cell mutating out of its prison.


A microgame about a Boi that needs some personal space.

Trashore Island

Take whatever junk is washed ashore and sacrifice it to one of your three gods!